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I use to play 10 minutes games. However, ChessCube automatically disconnects and reconnects me from the game several times a game (at least once every two minutes, sometimes even often). I get disconnected for only 1-2 seconds each time but this is enough to disturbing. I had also had an opponent yesterday who actually used this in his advantage: I was clearly winning, so he disconnected. Since I have got again disconnected/reconnected, the engine treat my involuntary disconnection as a resign...
I have tried two different browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome), and I was trying to play from different locations (i.e. networks). The result was the same. My computer runs Windows 7 on 64 architecture, and I firstly experimented this some time ago, without changing anything on the computer, then I have renounced playing. Now I have tried to restart and the unpleasant incidents manifested again.
My question is if there are other people experimenting the same annoying behavior, or it is something wrong with my computer.
Thanks in advance!

Please help.

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